Just STOP!

I know I am being blunt but in case you care about your health, happiness and over-all quality of living, I’m going to tell you this.

I know you are busy. I know that you have a lot going on and a lot that you want to achieve. I know that what you are doing feels important. I know there is a lot of pressure to do so many things.



Just STOP.

You are looking for happiness, satisfaction and well being in all the wrong places. I mean, just ask yourself- Have you really found it yet? You have probably been striving a long time now. Have you found it yet? Are you good, satisfied, content and fulfilled? Are you really enjoying your life right now? Do you hear that bird? Do you see the blue sky? Are you grateful for the experience you are having right now?

I got news for you- if you are reading this right now, you have all the ingredients you need to be fulfilled in your life, just as it is right now.

Most of us believe that if we keep striving, keep doing, keep achieving, keep working, eventually there will come a point in our older age where we finally feel good and complete. Unfortunately it does not work this way. This is a fundamental myth of our culture and ironically this myth often leads a person towards a lifetime of struggle. It is like being caught in a cage.

Do you really want your gravestone to read: She (or He) struggled her (or His) entire life?

If your answer is “no,” then STOP now. Just stop it. Stop with the striving. Stop with the constant need to do something else. Stop always needing to be better off than you are right now. Stop always needing to over-think everything. Just STOP.

I have news for you- busyness is not a virtue. In our culture people often say “I have been really busy,” as if it is something to brag about! But guess what? There is nothing virtuous about being busy. The opposite is actually true. Being busy is disrespectful and rude. People who are busy are often stressed out and not pleasant to be around. They can be mean and short tempered. Busy people cause others to become stressed out. Busy people are often using the earth’s resources much quicker than non-busy people. So in reality- there is very little virtue in being busy.

Despite our cultural conditioning, stopping is actually very virtuous act. When we stop we become friendlier. We allow others to feel better. We are gentler and easier to be around and have more patience towards others and ourselves. We step much lighter on the earth. We are kinder to our bodies. Stopping is actually one of the most important virtues.

How is that for exposing one of the greatest myths of our way too busy culture?

From virtue all good and worthwhile things are born. Sounds like something Shakespeare or Emerson wrote but I just made it up. It is true through and I think that the great philosophers, poets, spiritual teachers and religious mystics would agree: It is only when we are really able to STOP that we will then generate everything that we are rushing all over the place looking for.

So give it a try now. Just STOP!

Become aware of exactly where you are and STOP striving to be anywhere different.

Your life depends on it.


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